Assistance projets

Organizational and Information System projects are key issues of our customers. But capitalizing on this type of operation is difficult, because projects of this nature are often rare or even unique: this is a real job.

It is therefore legitimate to call upon a real professionals. Since 1996, we have been adapting our methodologies and capitalizing to assist our customers in this kind of projects and to secure their operations.

Our consultants are thus helping to make the link between the implementation teams and the internal contracting authorities since the earliest phases of reflection.

Early studies

Early studies

  • Organization studies
  • Process description
  • Functional Audit
  • Specifications
  • Calls for proposal and selection assistance
IS Strategy

IS Strategy

  • IS Road map
  • Process mapping
  • IS Master Plan
  • Financial evaluations, ROI
  • IS Program Trajectories
Project management assistance

Project management assistance

  • Support for business process owners
  • Follow-up of design and implementation
  • Adapting the organization to the target
  • Assistance for the validation of solutions
  • Assistance to the test acceptance phases
  • Training for new processes and solutions
Change management

Change management

  • Harmonization of processes and organization
  • Reorganization of services assistance
  • Business training
  • Communication actions
  • Coaching
  • Go-Live Assistance
Project Management Office

Project Management Office

  • Support to Project Management
  • Steering KPI design
  • Monitoring of different works
  • Risk monitoring
  • Budget monitoring
Project management

Project management

  • Project Managers Support
  • Road map definition and implementation
  • Project organization support
  • Migration strategies
  • Define rollout strategies
  • Working on training plans