Maintenance and support

Once the projects have been completed, the organization and the information system have to live, which means supporting users in resolving possible difficulties and malfunctions, improving practices and solutions over time, and adapting tools to new practices and Needs of companies. PM has put in place a dedicated structure equipped with tools and working methods to ensure maintenance & support to its customers around the world. Two offices in France and Singapore cover a range of time zones from the US east coast to Japan.

Certified by SAP since 2011 as "Partner Center of Expertise" (PCoE), our team has a support platform equipped with the latest SAP technologies and functionalities totally mastered internally. This architecture makes it possible to ensure the 24/7 service of priority 1 support messages, the weekly technical quality checks of the envionments and the issuance of the associated automated reports (SAP EearlyWatch). To date, the services covered by this PCOE technical maintenance break down as follows:
A global partner

Covered Services

Enterprise Support
C24/7 Support and Advisory Center
Service Agreement Level (SLA)
Implementation Guide and Customer Feedback
Self Services Tools available to customers
Continuous Quality Control (CQC) and Improvement Services
Advanced support for functional Enhancement Packages (EhP)
Support Reporting
24/7 global support for systems affected by loss of production
SAP Solution Manager Advanced Features
Remote Support Service
Application of end-to-end quality management standards
IS quality optimization tools
Innovations and continuous evolutions of SAP technical solutions
Incident resolution
Access to knowledge bases 24/7
Monitoring of SAP instances by the weekly service Early Watch Alert

Complementary support services

In addition to the services provided under the license agreements, PM has set up a set of services, which can be activated on-demand according to the organizational, functional and temporal contexts. PM manages more than twenty customers in maintenance & support with varying degrees of intervention (from some few hours per year to tens of days per month). As part of proposed services, the following subjects are frequently covered:

  • Functionality improvements and implementation of new processes
  • Support, training, skills transfer to key users and new users
  • Functional and technical support for IT teams
  • Resolution of functional and technical malfunctions
  • Searching and applying correction patches related to SAP bugs
  • Permanent survey: new functionalaties, legal constraints, etc.
Our aim is to support our clients in the long term by exceeding the strict framework of support requests, to adopt a method of proactive collaboration, in order to bring the maximum added value. It is therefore necessary to share our knowledge on the latest SAP news, or to benefit from experience feedback to answer business concerns.