Join PM Progress Management

DIn a constantly evolving process, PM is looking for high potential women and men willing to take part in our business venture. You enjoy working on a variety of missions within teams of multidisciplinary consultants in a logic of strong commitment to our clients. You want to evolve towards mission management functions and increased responsibilities in the development of the firm.
Each year, PM recruits talented employees, with a constructive logic over the long term:
  • Managers,
  • Functional Consultants,
  • Technical Consultants.
Your application will be considered upon receipt according to our search criteria. Once your profile is selected, 3 interviews will be planned, at least one of which will be with an Associate. During these interviews, we will present our structure and answer your questions. If your profile matches our search and our company meets your expectations, then a contract offer will be sent to you.

Your integration

Upon arrival, you will be assisted by a management assistant to carry out the administrative formalities of integration. On this occasion you will be delivered a "" Consultant's Guide "" whose objective is to provide all the elements facilitating the understanding of the mode of operation of the structure and the expectations of your managers. In addition, a sponsor will be awarded to facilitate your integration and optimize your coaching during your first months of intervention at PM.

Twice a year, a day is also organized for the integration of new consultants. This day aims to present the role of the consultant at PM and to allow newcomers to meet and discover the structure.

You progression

At PM, evaluations are conducted twice a year. A first session in March and the other in September. They are carried out by the manager (s) responsible for the mission on which the consultant works, using a document of evaluation known and shared by all. The changes in responsibility, function and remuneration are thus revised more regularly than in most other advisory structures, favoring a positioning and objectives that are as close as possible to the consultant's possibilities and aspirations.