In Agri-food

Compelling references cultivated for a long time

PM has a large number of references in the agri-food, agriculture, industrial and cooperative sectors. It comes down to specializations of our interventions and skills per sub-sector, such as cereals, milk, fresh produce, frozen foods, appertized, sugar, beverages, alcohol, prepared meals, candy and chocolate, bakery / pastry ...

Beyond its SAP expertise, PM supports its customers in the control of business concepts and their operational declination on all the key topics of the agri-food industry:

  • Regulatory and contractual aspects: traceability (lots, SSCC), standardization (labeling), certifications, regulatory declarations, date contracts, EDI standardized exchanges, material tracking via expiry date, material balance, quality control, seasonality, variable weights Batch production, food security, etc.
  • Production processes' modeling: continuous processes (process) and discontinuous processes (conditioning stages), line approach and just-in-time, semi-finished production, changes in state (freezing / deep-freezing, maturation, refining, ...), co-products and by-products management, conservation (ultra-fresh, fresh), etc.
  • Market requirements: Outlets and B2B distribution, complex pricing, customer certification, deferred agreements management (bonus agreements, ...), Transport management & organization, consignment.

PM also supports the organizational and structural changes in the sector: our customers are increasingly internationally oriented and are looking for partners who can take these new dimensions into account: new logistics circuits, production units in emerging countries, global Shared Services Centers, multi-channel distribution, etc. The capitalization of our international medium-sized company experiences since 1996, enables us to add business value to our customers on these global roll-out.

PM also offers best practices in industrial coordination and process integration. The agri-food industries are particularly concerned with the optimization of the supply chain. Our solutions now incorporate reflections, actions and tools to smoothly and seamlessly support processes linked to WMS, MES and APS to ensure traceability and a service rate compliant with industry requirements.