In Other Industries

PM has been involved in dynamic industrial sectors with specific industry specificities since its origin, needs for evolution and adaptation to changes, constant performance research and a high quality requirement. PM has especially accompanied its clients in two business lines:

  • The mechanical industry,
  • the pharmacy.

  • Mechanical industry

    France is still ranked 6th in the world among the leading countries in the mechanical industry behind China, the United States, Japan, Germany and Italy. According to the Federation of Mechanical Industries, the sector includes more than 30,000 companies in France.

    Mechanical companies operate in three main fields of activity:

    • The transformation of metals into plates, tubes, elements for other industries,
    • Production and maintenance of industrial equipment: machine tools, cisterns, forage harvesters, etc.,
    • The manufacture of precision equipment.

    In these three areas, PM has developed skills and offers adapted solutions:

    • In the metal processing industry, special expertise was developed on the precious metals sub-sector for watchmaking and jewelery. Management of material accounting, securities accounts, weight accounts, valuation of stocks by fine metal, traceability without fault are all concepts mastered by the PM teams.
    • In the production and maintenance of industrial equipments, numerous missions have been carried out to implement fully integrated solutions from the design departments to the assembly of machines in a context of configuration with advanced variant. The preoccupations of after-sales service, preventive and curative maintenance contract are among the themes taken over our projects, all based on solid backoffices to manage sales, supply, quality, financial functions and cost control.
    • In the manufacture of precision equipment, PM has become a specialist to particpate in real nuggets in the very upmarket watch sector: technical data management, versioning, bulk nomenclatures, small series, management of serial numbers, Multi-level outsourcing are the subjects on which our teams work on a daily basis.
  • Pharmaceutical industry

    The pharmaceutical industry combines the research, manufacturing and marketing of medicines for human or veterinary. It is one of the economically most important industries in the world, operated by pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies.

    As a major consumer of ERP in the 1990s, companies in this sector were able to innovate and adapt to the constraints of legislation, market and organization by making profound changes in their IS. PM teams have been able to develop value-added knowledge and practices for this market. Common concerns include:

    • In production: solid or liquid dosage forms, batch management, subcontracting, handling unit management, material identification, integration of weighing systems, RF reading, RFID, etc., management of expiry dates.
    • In quality: sample management, quality control, certificate management, etc.
    • In sales: management of prescription drugs and over-the-counter products, samples, free, sales force management, return management, export, etc.
    • In finance and controlling: cost control, costing calculation, overhead management, profitability analysis, budgeting, PMT, etc.