In services

PM has developed a knowledge of the business processes and management principles of companies in the professional services sector through the trades and skills of analytical laboratories, engineering firms, consulting firms and IT services companies.

Installation rate of companies in adapted IT tools is relatively lower than in the industrial or distribution sectors. There are several reasons for this:

  • On the one hand, ERP on the market, focused on the physical processes of the company, are not completely adapted ... The notions of package, batch, average daily rate, deferred revenue or invoices to be established , Business Case Analysis, are the daily reality of these companies.
  • On the other hand, the market is made up of a large number of SMEs that do not have the human and financial resources to embark on a traditional ERP approach.

Services for professionals

Nevertheless, increased competition on the sector, reduced margins on universal services and the industrialization of certain offer categories, oblige the services sector to become more professional in terms of the use of management and steering tools.

  • Our customers' needs

    Les offres proposées doivent être adaptées :

    • Agile and shared solutions are emerging: hosting, cloud, ...
    • Accessible economic models have to be proposed: service companies are highly consuming human resources. However, it is not possible to buy a user license for a monthly time sheet entry, as investing in the purchase of user licenses on a Supply Chain or Production Management tool used on a daily basis.
    • The answer to the need must be targeted: it can be a margin management objective or more broadly a resource planning management tool or even project planning.
  • PM Progress Management's response

    At the end of the last century, the major players in the Utilities, telecommunications and insurance sectors were equipped with ERP softwares. PM has used its skills to assist these large companies and develop capitalizable practices in intermediate size companies or even SME contexts. The first ambitious SMEs in the Services sector have sought to structure themselves around such tools. PM had the opportunity to follow a number of them. Based on these years of experience, an adapted approach and tool, based on SAP, have been designed to:

    • Track all billable and non-billable times of employees and subcontractors via a mobile time recording application, Control the process of outsourcing purchases,
    • Control the process of outsourcing purchases,
    • Secure the client billing process to be sure that all that needs to be charged, is actually,
    • Manage all the back office activities of accounting and finance by interfacing any dedicated tool of payroll management,
    • Manage the margins of projects and business: margins on direct costs, margins missions with additional costs, full margin on profit centers, etc.,
    • Have a 360 ° vision in a modern BI tool, accessible anywhere and anytime.