Solution eXpress Retail

PM has been involved in the distribution sector since 1996. The first SAP Retail system implemented in France was carried out by PM consultants in an furniture shop. The particular structuring of this SAP version has prompted the managers of PM to capitalize strongly the projects carried out. Over time, a pre-configured solution, based on SAP Best Practices for Retail, was born. Beyond the simple technical solutions, it is a cohesive team of consultants, knowing the sector perfectly, which has been operating for 20 years in our customers of the distribution sector.

  • Target
    The solution is preferentially intended for trading, central purchasing, selective distribution companies and distribution networks either directly or through franchisees. It finds its interest for clients wishing to acquire a robust, sustainable, scalable and growth-supporting information system.
    The preconfigured is particularly well suited for organizations that want to manage the back office of outlets in a centralized tool allowing to have a vision of the stocks in real time and to act proactively on these stocks: reassortments, inter-store transfers, Promotions, ...
  • Content
    • Management of logistics hubs and central animation (purchasing, referencing, ...).
    • Management of points of sale through multiple modes of connection (mobility, web, RF readers, ...).
    • Managing repositories and assortment of points of sale.
    • Management of the reassortment of outlets in push or pull mode.
    • Management of distributions, cross-docking, returns.
    • Integration of front offices via standard APIs (cash register systems, POS systems, etc.).
    • Management of trade agreements (back discounts, cascading, customer hierarchies, ...).
    • Accounting and financial management associated with real-time Analytics tools.
  • Benefits
    • Complete, reliable and robust solution covering all distribution trades.
    • Availability of best business practices.
    • Optimized stock management.
    • Improved data quality.
    • Processes rationalization.
    • Communication improvement between points of sale and distribution hubs.
    • A comprehensive, detailed and real-time view of the business.
    • Real-time turnover.
    • Visualization of inventories of points of sale.
    • Robust technical base on the cutting edge of technological innovations.