Solution Business Intelligence

Nowadays, the ability to have stable, recent and relevant information is a strategic challenge for all companies. The decision-making solutions satisfy this expectation by answering several essential concerns in terms of steering:
  • Better communicate about objectives,
  • Better measure and monitor results,
  • Better circulating information,
  • Improve the conditions for decision-making,
  • Establish a common language of management,
  • Federating heterogeneous sources of information,
  • Having a single repository,
  • Mixing multiple sources of information,
  • Provide new perspectives for analysis.
The range of solutions available with SAP continues to grow since the introduction of SAP BW. The successive acquisitions of the editor have allowed to offer to customers, analysis and publishing tools always richer and ergonomic, like those contained in the offer BI4. The software editor has recently taken a new step in bringing to the market an innovative technological offer called "in-memory". This offer, commonly known as HANA, makes it possible to request data only stored in-memory, the use of an OLAP remote model becoming, in certain scenarios, useless. The transactional data are thus accessible in real time, via dedicated query tools, directly from the operational database in which users manage their processes on a daily basis.

PM achieves all the services needed to transform business concerns into exploitable solutions:
  • The management consulting (needs analysis, definition of business indicators, ...),
  • The search for suitable solutions,
  • The design and implementation of the datawarehouse and data provisioning,
  • The design and implementation of reporting tools,
  • Training, Change Management and Roll-out.
To do this, our teams are positioned on all of the publisher's flagship offers. On each of the topics listed below, PM has many references and is even part of the pioneer companies in France on certain subjects related to HANA:
  • BW on relational database and on HANA DB,
  • decision support information system on transactional HANA DB,
  • HANA Live and HANA Studio,
  • Webi, Analysis, Design Studio, Explorer,
  • Lumira, etc.