Solution SAP IM&C

The pre-configured SAP IM&C (Industrial Machinery & Components) offer is perfectly suited for companies in the mechanical industry, from machine tool manufacturing to precision mechanical and electronic equipment. This preconfigured system has been successfully implemented on several occasions in France and internationally for companies of varying sizes (from 30 to 150 million euros in sales) and in very different sectors: industrial electronics, Sensors and control bus, watchmaking, apply & printing machines in packaging activity, etc.

  • Target
    • Provision of best business practices.
    • Streamlined and optimized technical data management.
    • Integration of all processes into a single tool that works in real-time and without any interface.
    • A comprehensive, detailed and real-time view of the business.
    • Placing under control and the production cost controlling, integrating the subcontracting chains.
    • Robust technical base on the cutting edge of technological innovations.
  • Content
    The main areas and functions covered by the solution are:
    • R&D/Engineering: Project Portfolio Management, Collaborative Design, Governance and Risk Management.
    • Sales: Sales Force Management, Configurable Product Management, Sales Cycle Management, Sales Analytics.
    • Supply chain: inventory management, procurement, planning, demand management, transportation management.
    • Production: production on stock, sales-roder-related and project-related production, production management, quality management, subcontracting, lean manufacturing.
    • After-sales service: maintenance, repairs, spare parts management, equipment management.
    • Finance and Controlling: all accounting functions, cash management, controlling assets management.
    • Human resources management: payroll, staff development, training.
  • Benefits
    This solution, based on a solid foundation of standard processes, is implemented in most cases without any additional development: projects are thus simplified, faster, less expensive and information systems are easily maintained. As the core of these projects is based on the management of technical data, returns on investment are immediate: cost of production calculation, control of replenishment processes, inventory management and subcontracting management, sharing Common repositories, etc.